Another large local authority in the North West of England is proposing restrictive planning regulations for landlords wanting to gain permission for HMOs. This follows examples of the targeting of HMO’s by high profile councils like Brighton and Hove, Liverpool, Oxford, Bath and Salford.

Cheshire East Council, known more as a place where football stars chose to live, wants to make changes to their existing planning policies as well as introduce new ones.

The council says that “.. change of use of a dwelling to an HMO will be permitted provided that the number of existing HMOs within a 50 metre radius of an application site does not exceed 10% of all dwellings and proposals must not result in the ‘sandwiching’ of an existing single household (C3).”

The Council also states any new HMO property must not have an adverse impact upon the character and appearance of the property or the local area; on-street car parking levels; the capacity of local services/facilities and the amenity or the environment of surrounding occupiers.