Propertymark is warning landlords and agents in England that changes to Right to Rent checks take effect from Saturday. 

The changes are happening because of Covid-adjusted checks, completion of the Brexit transition period and the introduction of the Home Office digitisation process.

Timothy Douglas, head of policy and campaigns at Propertymark, says: “A combination of factors mean it isn’t a straight return from video checks to in-person checks. There are different requirements depending on the status of the prospective tenant that agents need to familiarise themselves with.”

Since the pandemic video calls could be completed for face-to-face checks of British and Irish citizens. In-person face-to-face checks will now be completed.

Landlords and agents will still be allowed to complete checks digitally, but to do so will be required to sign up to a UK government-certified and paid-for digital identity service provider or IDSP.

For EU citizens without settled or pre-settled status, the list of ID eligible for checks has also been slimmed down.

For overseas nationals checks will need to be completed either with the Home Office’s free-to-access system using a digital share or using an IDSP.

Douglas also stated “The new system of identity service providers offers the prospect of taking some of the work and risk away, but there are costs that agents will need to factor in which cannot be passed on under the tenant fees legislation.”

“With high demand for rental properties it is vital that agents are aware of the changes and understand the different ways that checks can be carried out.”