The government consultation regarding the ending of the council tax reclassification of HMOs is closing at the end of the month. Any landlords wishing to respond to the consultation are urged to act now.

Many councils have split HMOs into single units for council tax purposes and this causes a huge rise in council tax for the HMO landlord. Unfortunately, few opportunities exist for appeal by the landlord.

As previously reported a campaign to stop the reclassification of rooms in HMOs to single homes has won a major victory by getting the government to investigate stopping such reclassifications.

If the consultation does stop reclassifications, then the changes will be part of the Government’s Levelling-Up and Regeneration Bill.

Landlord Daryn Brewer from the Council Tax Reform Group that has been lobbying MPs on the issue stated “We are delighted to hear that the government is taking this issue seriously and that landlords and tenants have been listened to about the concerns of Council Tax being charged on bedrooms within HMOs.”

“We now need as many tenants and landlords as possible to complete the consultation and submit their responses.”

How to respond to the consultation?

Anyone wishing to respond to the consultation can find further information on the  website of the Council Tax Reform Group.

The full details of the consultation can also be found on the government website.