There is speculation that a reshuffle of government cabinet ministers and junior roles could take place very soon. This may include Michael Gove who is the minister in charge of the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities which is includes the current minister for housing – Rachel Maclean.

It is thought that the reshuffle intended to give a new line-up in place ahead of the Conservatives annual conference. This would be 15 months or so, at most, before a General Election.

A statement by Defence Secretary Ben Wallace that he is stepping down as an MP may be the catalyst that leads to a wider range of appointments across multiple departments.

Michael Gove who is championing of the Renters Reform Bill has recently faced criticism by some Conservatives who oppose many of the specific measures proposed in the legislation. The critics stating the legislation is pro-tenant and anti-landlord.

The current housing minister, Rachel Maclean, was appointed as recently as February 2023. The minister is the sixth MP to hold the role in 12 months. The previous minister, Lucy Frazer, held the post for 91 days and her predecessor, Lee Rowley, was in post for only 49 days. 

Maclean is the 15th housing minister since the Conservatives came to power in 2010 and the 23rd person to have the role since 1997.