It has been reported by the Landlordzone website and David Smith of JMW Solicitors that the government has confirmed that the Covid notice periods for repossessions in England will end on 1 October 2021. From this date notice periods will be restored to their original duration.

However, should the Covid pandemic worsen the government is retaining the right until 25 March 2022 to extend notice periods again.

David Smith has also noted that from 1st October 2021 new section 8 and section 21 forms are prescribed.

During the Covid pandemic some notice periods were extended up to 6 months although the notice periods for some grounds were a lot shorter.

A statement from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government says: “While these measures were appropriate at the height of the pandemic, these restrictions could only ever be temporary. Returning notice periods to their pre-COVID lengths from 1 October will allow landlords to repossess their property where necessary.”