At their recent London conference, the Labour Party announced a major review of the private rental sector (PRS) to be led by the head of a London council.

The announcement is short on details but the shadow Levelling Up Secretary Lisa Nandy stated the review is to be led by Stephen Cowan, the leader of Hammersmith and Fulham council.

Lisa Nandy has stated “Housing isn’t a market. It’s a fundamental human right.”

“That’s why Labour has set out plans to tilt the balance of power back towards tenants through a powerful new Renters’ Charter and a new Decent Homes Standard.”

“Security in your home, the right to make your home your own and most of all the right to live in a home fit for human habitation is non-negotiable.”

“I’m delighted that Steve is going to drive forward this work so that we are ready to go on day one.”

Previous announcements by Labour give an indication of reforms that they would like to introduce. They plan to introduce a Renter’s Charter for the Private Rented Sector within 100 days if Labour win the next election. 

The key elements of the Renter’s Charter are:

  • Scrapping Section 21 evictions
  • Reduce eviction powers for landlords whose tenants are in arrears
  • Introduction of four month notice periods
  • Develop portable deposits to enable for tenants to switch properties more easily
  • Allow tenants to have pets
  • Permit renters to make ”reasonable alterations to a property”
  • Create a national register of landlords
  • Launch a decent homes standard in the private rental sector

Lisa Nandy also announced at the national annual conference in Blackpool plans to “rebuild our council housing stock and bring homes back into the ownership of local councils and communities”.

Sir Kier Starmer stated “Buy to let landlords and second homeowners will not get in first in front of local communities when it comes to buying property.”