The Labour Party has pledged to introduce a national register of landlords in a bid to protect tenants from landlords. The Register of Rogue Landlords, which only lists those who have been handed a banning order by local councils, will be replaced by the national register.

In an interview in The Mirror newspaper the Labour Party leader, Sir Kier Starmer, says he will support a generation left behind and forced to struggle with fast-increasing rents.

“There is a whole generation of young people, with dreams of homeownership, that now feel unattainable and unrealistic. Generation rent have been completely abandoned by this government. Left to attempt to cope through a cost of living crisis forcing them into endlessly spiralling costs, and too many unscrupulous landlords having the power to do what they want.”

“There is no hiding the fact that rogue landlords do exist, and generation rent are left with little, and sometimes no measures to protect themselves. That is why I am committed to introducing a national register of landlords, allowing us to crack down on the people taking advantage of the system.

The party pledged to reverse planning changes that have left the “generation rent” in a headlock, as well as enforcing requirements on local areas to build in line with local need.

The party also promised to give first-time buyers priority on new houses in their area and to prevent foreign buyers from snapping up swathes of new housing developments. A comprehensive mortgage guarantee scheme to help first-time buyers who can’t afford a deposit has also been proposed.

However, other senior Labour figures have opposing views on whether the party should introduce rent controls. Shabana Mahmood, a MP and also Labour’s head of campaigns, dismissed rent controls as a mere tweak that wouldn’t get to the heart of the problem. In contrast, Labour’s shadow housing secretary Lisa Nandy and Labour big city mayors including Sadiq Khan and Andy Burnham have repeatedly spoken in favour of rent controls.