The government has announced that landlords must respond to disabled tenants’ requests to make communal spaces outside their homes more accessible. The new rules will be introduced during 2023.

DWP Minister Baroness Stedman-Scott stated regulations will be prepared after analysis of responses to an ongoing government consultation. Stedman-Scott stated “I would expect commencement of the legislation on or after October 2023, given the time required for the regulations and issue of guidance for landlords, tenants and other involved parties.”

The 10 week consultation is running until 18th August 2022. Landlords are asked 18 questions on communal area accessibility to assess the likely burden and costs.

The government wants to ‘switch on’ legislation originally passed in 2010 within the Equality Act. The legislation will oblige landlords in all housing sectors who operate blocks of flats or properties with communal areas to make reasonable adjustments to the common parts of let residential premises. Disabled people can already make such requests but there is currently no legal duty on the landlord to make reasonable adjustments to common parts.

To contribute to the consultation use the link below: