Leeds Property Association are calling for significant changes, corrections and improvements to planning proposals produced by Leeds City Council.

We believe the proposals are confusing, unclear and contradictory and will not help tenants or landlords.

The proposals affect the provision of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO’s) and Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA). A public consultation on the proposals closes on Monday 1st March 2021 after a short consultation period of 6 weeks.

We raise six key concerns about the proposals and the consultation process:

  1. Inadequate consultation with stakeholders.
  2. Social Housing Standards are not suitable for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) or Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA).
  3. Retrospective adoption of the policies.
  4. Lack of evidence for additional standards.
  5. No clear methodology.
  6. Confusing, contradictory, and unclear information.

Download and read our response using the link below:

The council’s proposal is the ‘Houses in Multiple Occupation, Purpose-Built Student Accommodation and Co-Living Amenity Standards Supplementary Planning Document’ and you can download it using the link below:

If you know of any landlord who will be affected by the proposals we encourage you to share the documents or send them a link to this article.