Michael Gove has announced that he will publish in the near future a revised deadline for the implementation of energy efficiency targets for the private rental sector.

After a speech on housebuilding, Gove repeated claims that he made in the Telegraph newspaper, saying he thought the current timetable for EPC targets was asking too much of landlords. To meet the current deadline of 2028, landlords must ensure any property achieves a C rating although some exemptions are available.

Gove stated “My own strong view is that we’re asking too much too quickly”

“We do want to move towards greater energy efficiency, but just at this point, when landlords face so much, I think that we should relax the pace that’s been set for people in the private rented sector, particularly because many of them are currently facing a big capital outlay in order to improve that efficiency.”

Ben Beadle, NRLA chief executive, stated “The NRLA wants to see properties as energy efficient as possible, but the sector needs certainty about how and when this will happen.”

“Ministers need to develop a proper plan that includes a fair financial package to support improvements in the private rented sector. We will continue to work with all parties to develop pragmatic and workable proposals.”

In the Q&A after his speech, Gove also stated rent controls would not be introduced, saying wherever they had been implemented in the past they had backfired.