Complaint about LPA Landlord Member

Although the LPA is not a statutory or regulatory body, we operate a Code of Practice which all members are expected to comply with.  This covers many aspects of letting and managing residential properties and is designed to raise and maintain standards in the private rented sector.

A copy of the Code of Practice is available using the link below:

Please note:

Neither the Code of Practice nor our complaints process can supersede the normal operation of the law.  A complainant retains the right throughout the process to choose to take their complaint to law.  In this event, the complaint would be halted.  Similarly, the Code of Practice cannot be used to review or re-open an issue on which the Courts are reviewing or has already been adjudicated. 

If your complaint refers to an issue regarding a protected deposit, this must be taken up with the relevant deposit protection scheme.

Complaints regarding a letting agent must be directed to the relevant Government approved redress scheme, which all letting agents should be a member of by law.

What to do if you have a complaint about an LPA member breaching the Code of Practice

  • Notify the landlord in writing of the nature of your complaint
  • Provide evidence of the breach
  • Give the landlord reasonable time in which to respond to your complaint

If you are not satisfied with the response that you receive, or indeed receive no response at all, you can complain to the LPA

How to complain to the LPA

  • Fill in the complaint form below
  • Ensure that you include copies of any supporting paperwork (non-returnable)
  • This information must be scanned and emailed to

What happens next?

We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 5 working days.  The complaint will be considered and discussed with the member.  Any course of action following the investigation will be taken up directly with the member. As previously stated, the LPA is not a statutory or regulatory body.  If we find that a member has not met our standards or expectations, we will, where possible, work with them to rectify the issue to avoid repetition in the future.  In serious cases, or if a member refuses to co-operate the LPA could suspend or remove their membership.