Research shows that demand for student accommodation will increase as universities experience a record number of applications in 2022. With the cost of living increasing many northern cities, where accommodation and day to day living expenses are lower, are experiencing the highest levels of applications.

The research, completed by UCAS, reveals that applications from 18-year-olds have reached their highest level in almost a decade. There is a 4% increase in applications since 2021 and a 14% increase on 2020. The increase in undergraduate numbers is predicted to lead to increased demand for student accommodation.

In previous years, the Covid pandemic caused many students to be hesitant in making university applications due to the implications on both teaching and student social experience. Now that the pandemic is seen to be receding and student life is returning to normal, applicants are more confident about undergraduate education.

Key areas across the country have seen a significant increase in the number of applications compared to before the pandemic. Universities in Nottingham, Derby and Leicester have seen the highest numbers of applications since 2014. In Yorkshire & Humber, the universities in Leeds, Huddersfield and York, and in the Nort West, the universities in Manchester, Liverpool and Lancaster, have seen the highest numbers of applications since 2016.

Due to recent rises in the cost of living, applicants appear to be favouring northern cities where accommodation and day to day living expenses are cheaper. The savings made allow students to enjoy the student life as much as possible.

Phil Greaves, Co-Founder and Director of the UniHomes portal, stated “As we see student life going back to normal, it’s great to see the rise in applications for universities across the country and we are welcoming new students into our network of accommodation with open arms.”

“The high number of first-year applications in the East Midlands and Northern-based academic institutions shows that the student rental market is set to continue its high demand for years to come.”