The Accommodation for Students (AFS) website team have released the results of a survey on students’ views and experiences of their accommodation.

There have been a lot of challenges for students in the last two years, but the survey of over 1,000 students shows that student are satisfied with their accommodation:

  • When asked to rate their satisfaction with their accommodation students scored 7 out of 10.
  • Over half of respondents scored their satisfaction with their accommodation 8 out of 10 or higher.
  • The quality of the management of the accommodation was the most closely related factor with satisfaction with the accommodation.
  • The survey also showed that students were happy with their student lifestyle scoring an average of 7.5 out of 10.

When asked about the biggest challenge in finding accommodation students scored as follows:

  • Lack of quality accommodation 24%.
  • Time spent looking for accommodation 15%.
  • Finding accommodation with bills 13%.
  • Choosing accommodation without being able to visit 13%.
  • Finding sharers 10%.
  • Lack of response from property managers 10%.

When asked further if they viewed their accommodation slightly more students (52%) viewed their property than did not (48%). And of those that did view a property there was an equal split between those that viewed online (43%) rather than in-person (43%). Only 14% viewed online and in-person.

The majority of accommodation (81%) was within walking distance of the university. As a result, for most students the time taken to travel to university was less than 30 minutes.

AFS summarised their findings as follows:

  • The majority are broadly happy with their accommodation.
  • Well managed accommodation is a strong indicator of satisfaction.
  • Students find the process of looking for accommodation stressful.
  • Some of the key attributes used for searching for accommodation did not result in increased satisfaction:
    • Location
    • Price
  • Students who viewed a property before moving in were no more satisfied than those that did not.
  • Students were just as happy with properties viewed online as in-person

A set of the slides showing the results of the results can be downloaded using the link below: