A council is ordering private rental sector landlords to remove graffiti from external walls within four weeks of it being reported.  Belfast council says it is a landlords’ responsibility to clear up graffiti at their own expense on external and boundary walls.

Responsibility for the removal of graffiti varies from council to council. Leeds City Council (LCC) have the following policy:

  • Private sector landlords should remove graffiti at their own expense. If a landlord is unable to remove the graffiti, then the council will remove the graffiti for a charge unless the graffiti is offensive. Landlords who fail to remove graffiti can be subject to enforcement by serving the landlord with an ASBO.
  • Tenants are requested to report graffiti to their landlord.
  • Graffiti on some public property (e.g. phone boxes, street signs and bus stops) is the responsibility of the organisation that owns the building.
  • If you report graffiti on someone else’s property, the council we will contact the property owner about removal. 

Full details are available on the LCC website using the link below: