According to a recent update from the LandlordToday website, the Renters’ Reform Bill is not slated for discussion in the parliament this week. And there’s increasing uncertainty about its inclusion in the subsequent parliamentary sessions.

Introduced four months ago, the bill quickly underwent its First Reading. Yet, its essential Second Reading has faced considerable delays, uncharacteristic for legislation of this importance.

The government is expected to announce this Thursday if the bill will be on the agenda for the coming week. However, the week will have only two working days for the House of Commons, leading up to the onset of the party conference season.

Should the Second Reading not occur prior to these conferences, it will be deferred until Parliament reconvenes on October 16. LandlordToday emphasises the shrinking window available for the Second Reading before the King’s Speech on November 7, which will announce Parliament’s priorities for the subsequent year.

If the bill doesn’t undergo its Second Reading by then, it would necessitate reintroduction, effectively resetting its legislative journey.

Considering the extensive duration required for a bill to navigate through both the Commons and Lords, and subsequently receive Royal Assent, there’s increasing speculation regarding whether the Renters’ Reform Bill will be ratified before the forthcoming General Election.